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A variety of electronic multilanguage/multilingual dictionary, translator and spoken word/phrase devices are available for language learning and traveling needs. Typical electronic multilingual dictionaries and translators are available from ECTACO, FRANKLIN, SHARP, CASIO and CANON, and may include languages such as English, Spanish, Polish, French, German, Greek, Russian, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Arabic.

One issue facing the consumer wishing to purchase such a device concerns the accuracy of the device's built-in dictionaries and phrases. Some devices may contain grammatical errors, incorrect word definitions, and inconsistencies regarding written and spoken word/phrase accent or stress marks.

Another issue concerns the nature of the device's built-in voices for single words and phrases. Are the spoken words and phrases too electronic or robotic in nature, and hence less human-like?

If any of the aforementioned errors or drawbacks are present, what value does the device have as a language learning or teaching tool?

This page will focus on the devices provided by TRANO. If you have purchased a TRANO device, feel free to post a comment concerning the device's utility and/or drawbacks. Gracias.

  Jason  11:04:31 GMT
i speak 4 languages fluently and bought a trano product containing various languages. i found errors in the dictionaries within minutes after using the product. trano products are over-priced and useless as a language learning tool. save your money and buy a conventional paperback dictionary and phrase book.
  Angela  04:16:02 GMT
Good luck if you want to return your trano product for any reason. Trano staff emails were rife with grammatical errors and ambiguous content. They must be using their own products.
  Lexicon  22:06:19 GMT
To be fair, most electronic dictionary and phrase devices contain a few errors. The problem is that the built-in word and phrase databases are sometimes shared by different companies, and in some cases, the actual device itself is the same except for the company's brand or sticker on the device. Most of these products suffice for travel phrases and very basic words and phrases. Don't expect too much, and you won't be disappointed.
  Fiona  10:07:27 GMT
The TRANO sellers are unconscionable. On top of the overpriced amount you have to pay for their flawed products, they charge you a 'postage handling fee' when you order. If you decide to return the product, you have to pay for the return postage. Then they charge you additional fees which are subtracted from the original payment you made. This means that they make money even if they finally consent to giving you (some of) your money back.

CAVEAT: Use your credit card when purchasing any of these sham devices, and if they give you any nonsense when trying to return the product for a full refund, go straight to your bank and initiate a chargeback request. You will generally need to initiate the chargeback request within 30 days of your purchase. Save yourself the trouble and headaches, however, and don't buy any TRANO product.
  Richard  11:08:05 GMT
don't waste your time with trano devices. go elsewhere. period.
  Tom  12:15:53 GMT
I concur. Don't buy any TRANO products. I also found errors in the dictionaries relating to word definitions. Furthermore, the built-in voices vary considerably in terms of volume, and this makes the learning process very difficult and frustrating.
  Robert  08:12:06 GMT
Avoid trano devices like the plague. I discovered so many errors in the device that I had to resort to double-checking every word or phrase with a standard dictionary and phrase book. This process became so convoluted and time-consuming that I ended up throwing the device in the garbage bin (where it belongs) and now I just use my trusted standard dictionary and phrase book.
  Joey  19:15:25 GMT
Incoherent TTS voices, erroneous dictionary and word databases, poor screen and button press technology. Never again will I purchase a language learning electronic device.
  TwoCents  03:01:59 GMT
make sure you check the location of the speakers on the electronic dictionary or phrase product - this can make a big difference regarding the quality of the sounds issued from the product.
  Drum  11:43:04 GMT
Don't buy the Karen language version of this produce! The database used in it was stolen of the Drum Publication Group (a small community based non-profit organization) and is being sold from personal profit, not for the benefit of the Karen people. Karen support Karen. DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT!